Last Layer
Cubing Practice On The Go

You've mastered the first half of the F2L Fridrich Method, now master the rest!
Learn the 2Look last layer patterns! Easily solve that Last Layer of your Rubik's cube.

Features include:

  • FlashCard trainer with customizable pattern sets and timer
  • Test your knowledge and practice the moves you know
  • Full OLL and PLL patterns
  • 2 Look OLL and PLL moves
  • Randomly generated 25 move scramble
  • Save and Share your solve times
  • Native iPad support
  • CloudKit support. Favorites and Flashcard settings will sync between devices
  • Dynamic Type enabled across the app. Cells will now auto resize based on font size

Amazing tool to learn the 2Look OLL and PLL moves of the Fridrich method, using the tried and true flashcard method. The CFOP (Cross - F2L - OLL - PLL) system, sometimes known as the Fridrich Method is one of the most commonly used methods in speedsolving a 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube. This method works on a layer-by-layer system, first solving a cross on the bottom, continuing to solve the first two layers (F2L), orienting the last layer (OLL), and finally permuting the last layer (PLL). Breaking up the OLL and PLL stages into 2 steps (2Look) simplifies it even more.